Festival Norpas is an internationally flavored, cross-artistic festival organised at the Taalintehdas ironworks village of Kemiönsaari. Its ninth annual edition will be held on 4–8 August, 2021.


In 2021 we will take steps toward different realities, abundant with the diversity of life prevalent in arts, society and nature. We will navigate to where reasonable departs from the unreasonable, where lively culture makes distance to the anxieties of consumerism. In the campfire of arts the tinder will light, shine, warm and illuminate – welcome to the glow!

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The Forest Project 2017. Kuva Heidi Kouvo

Festival Norpas is a multi-arts event

which takes place annually in August

in the historical ironworks village of

Taalintehdas on Kimito Island.

The festival showcases

high-quality, non-commercial art and culture  and arranges and runs

a multitude of arts workshops.

Norpas Artist Residency

is situated in the loft

of an old workers’ barracks

from the late 18th century

and is intended for use by artists for working periods lasting

from one week to one month.

Joaquin Jara asentaa teostaan Dammniin, 2017. Kuva Heidi Kouvo

Artpark is a collection of public and environmental works of art which is being developed gradually in Taalintehdas and the area surrounding the village.

Norpas will grow the collection by at least one work per year and the production of public art is one of the principal objectives of the Artist Residence.

Tuomas Korkela: Yhdessäolemme ryhmä, Taalintehdas 2018. Kuva Ville Laitinen

Norpas ry is active in multiple international networks to support cultural exchange among artists, producers and cultural collaboratives.


The purpose of the cooperation

is to ensure the movement of high-quality performing arts and exhibitions

and to help cultivate and enhance relationships and connections

within the network.

BlackSkyWhite Norpas 2018. Kuva Pekka Turunen


Norpas also works with art production locally

and creates connections between artists and cultural organisations working in different disciplines and fields.


Alongside promoting  artistic and multi-cultural collaboration the aim of the productions is to

actively participate in societal discussion

and to take a principled stance on matters relating to

the local environment and community.