The setting for the multi-arts Norpas Festival is the village of Taalintehdas where all essential services and festival event venues are located within close proximity to one another. 

Taalintehdas is an ironworks village founded in 1686 which is situated on the shores of the Archipelago Sea in Kimito Island Municipality. The cultural influence of centuries of craftsmanship and factory work remains clearly visible in the historical buildings and appearance of the town as well as in the surrounding nature. Norpas has incorporated the ironworks spaces and natural landscapes and seascapes as event venues - you'll get to experience atmospheric concerts and performances in an interesting and evocative environment.    


Tullimäentie 3

Tickets: a stall between Workshop and Valimo Foundry. 

Info: inside Valimo Foundry

You can find out everything you need to know about the programme, the workshops, your accommodation and Taalintehdas itself at the festival information point.


Ticket sales and collection and festival bracelet upgrades and exchanges are at the other service counter in the same cabin.  


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The Workshop is the old mechanical engine room of the ironworks, it was industrially operational until 1955. Today the building is owned by the ironworks museum and alongside Norpas the venue hosts other cultural and village events. 

The Workshop is also the venue for the evening concerts during the festival. The main Norpas Bar and the food stalls here will be open during the concerts. 


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The oldest remaining building in the former factory furnace area is the Foundry, activity here came to an end after a fire in 1949. Today the Foundry belongs to the ironworks museum. 

There are several events and performances in the Foundry over the course of the festival as well as after parties once the Workshop evening concerts have ended. The Norpas Bar at the Foundry is open during the day and for the after parties. 

The outdoor furnace (1850)

 Tullimäentie 3

The original smelting furnace in Taalintehdas was built in 1686 when iron working as an industry began in the village. The remains which stand today date from 1850, this furnace was in active use until 1928. The entire area surrounding the old furnace site was extensively renovated in the 2000s. 

A variety of outdoor events take place around the Furnace throughout the festival. 


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The Gallery is situated on the ground floor of the Furnace building and serves as an exhibition space during the festival. 


Bio Pony

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This iconic, waterside factory block was originally built to stable horses and was then converted to a cinema in the 1960s. The cinema was named Bio Pony and it has served the local community in Taalintehdas ever since. The 140-seat capacity cinema is given over to Norpas for the duration of the festival. 

Bio Pony functions as a year-round independent cinema and film club. 


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The reddish ochre, ink bottle shaped building behind the Workshop provides an additional creative and meeting space at the festival. 



Hertsbölentie 3 

Fjällstugan was built in the 1830s. The house gets its name from the rare and distinctive shingle cladding pattern on the outer walls, it was previously known as Bracken after one of its former residents.

Today Fjällstugan is owned by the ironworks museum and during Norpas the space is used for a variety of shows and workshops.  


The Norpas festival site is surrounded by wonderful nature. The performances and events on Sunday in particular tend to take place outside and in a natural setting. 


The old, red-brick factory workers' sauna sits beside the cooling pond for the furnace. This was a public sauna for the people of Taalintehdas until 1997. 

Today the building is privately owned but as the owner is fond of Norpas the sauna will be warming up again once the festival begins. 


The Harbour

Eugenia is a replica of a yacht of the same name which was originally built in the village of Bolax on the island of Hitis in 1879. The vessel sank in 1951, the new Eugenia was built as a community endeavour between 1997-2000.  

There's a scheduled programme of archipelago cruises on board Eugenia during Norpas.