Norpas ry (Registered Association) is a cultural association on Kimito island which organises the international, multi-arts Festival Norpas every August. The association also maintains an artist residency and works to produce public art in Taalintehdas and its surroundings.


Norpas ry is active in multiple international networks to support cultural exchange among artists, producers and cultural collaboratives.The festival is organised by a group of artists and activists who are driven by their collective excitement and intuition.  

Festival Norpas has its roots in Catalonia, in the small coastal and border town of Portbou where the predecessor of Norpas, Festival Surpas, was held between 2008 -2011. Norpas was held for the first time in 2012.

Creating a festival, in the manner in which we do it, can be compared to an artistic process. Intuition leads us towards our destination and we check our course frequently. This is freedom of a kind which we wish to retain. When culture or art becomes a trademark it loses its deeper meaning as well as its significance.  

As a criterion we often consider whether something feels like Norpas or does not. In some ways this is comical as each of us has our own impression of what it means to feel like Norpas or at least a clear impression of what Norpas is not. There is no single guiding rule. In fact, it’s often the case that as a result of a particular development or occurrence something will become clear and we’ll be able to say that “yes, this definitely feels like Norpas.” When we then come to arrange our next event we have one more realization to aim for.


Ville Laitinen is an environmental educator and eco-tourism entrepreneur. He is responsible for overall activities of the association and managing of the artist residency.
Matias Kauppi is a guitarist and a translator specialised in contemporary European music, Spanish in particular. He is responsible for the musical performances and overall artistic direction at the festival.
Ritva Kovalainen is a photographic artist and the chairperson of Norpas ry board. She is responsible for visual art at the festival and contributes to the artist residence and public and environmental art projects.
Ronja Tammenpää is a producer and a photographer-graphic designer. She is responsible for festival logistics, Trans Port project and coordinating local activity.
Tuomo Tammenpää is a multi-talented artist and graphic designer. He looks after the graphical design and image of the festival.
Kerttu Matinpuro is a documentary filmmaker and journalist, she works as the coordinator of the Norpas arts and cultural exchanges and cooperation projects in Russia.
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Norpas is reliant on the support and work of its


without whom it would not be possible to run a successful festival.

There are about a hundred volunteers involved and recruitment for the coming festival always begins in May.

Norpas ry

Masuunintie 5

25900 Taalintehdas


Y-tunnus: 2518908-1

+358 40 770 0065

Suggestions for the programme and events: ohjelma(at)

We welcome suggestions but unfortunately we are unable to respond to all applicants.

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