There is plenty of interesting and attractive guest accommodation available in Taalintehdas and on Kimito island. This page lists the most interesting accommodation options closest to the festival. Although there's a wide variety of choice capacity is limited, we advise booking well in advance!

You can book the following directly through Norpas: local loft and mattress accommodation as well as a unique accommodation experience in the floating canopy tents at Skytent Ecocamp


The locals in Taalintehdas have come to our assistance and are offering home stays during the festival weekend. If you are interested in a home stay please get in touch with info@festivalnorpas.fi and let us know how many people you require this for - we'll send you the details for locals offering suitable accommodation and you can arrange this directly with them. 


other options





There's a ceramics workshop, tea rooms, a shop and an exhibition space adjacent to this accommodation. Ceracon is located in Taalintehdas, under a kilometre from the Norpas event venues. Sapelitie 8, Taalintehdas 


DALS INN The newest accommodation in Taalintehdas is in the old factory office block. It'd be hard to be more centrally located within the village than this. Taalintehtaantie 709, Taalintehdas www.dalsinn.fi

DIT HOSTEL The hostel is located in Taalintehdas, in the immediate vicinity of the performance and exhibition venues. Masuunintie 5, Taalintehdas. Reservations can be made by calling 0445211410/ 02-466 1136 or by e mail on info@ditcenter.com www.ditcenter.com/fin/hostelli.php

CAMPSITE The Taalintehdas campsite is by the sports field. Please contact: +358 40 661 59 39. 

THE GUEST HARBOUR There's a pleasant, well-equipped and relatively large guest harbour in the village. 


STRANDHOTELLET Hotel accommodation in Taalintehdas, right by the performance and exhibition venues. www.strandhotellet.fi

Elsewhere on kimito island

SÖDERLÅNGVIK A great choice of old fashioned and new cottages and cabins in the grounds of a stately home. 5 km from Taalintehdas. www.soderlangvik.fi

LABBNÄS HOLIDAY HOME Dragsfjärd. About 5 min / 5 km by car from Taalintehdas. labbnas.fi/fi/asu/

HOSTEL PANGET Dragsfjärd. About 5 min / 6 km by car from Taalintehdas. www.panget.fi/

SEASIDE LKV COTTAGES Dragsfjärd. 6 value for money cottages for 4-6 people each, on the lake shore in Dragsfjärd. About 10 min / 7 km by car from Taalintehdas. seasidelkv.fi/mokkivuokraus

STORFINNHOVA GÅRD Björkboda. Fantastic wooden cabins and entire houses available for rent. About 15 min / 12 km by car from Taalintehdas. www.storfinnhova.com/suomeksi/majoitus.html

GUEST HOUSE ONNI JA RAUHA Västanfjärd. About 15 min / 17 km by car from Taalintehdas. onnijarauha.fi/majatalo

KASNÄS SPA HOTEL Kasnäs. About 20 min / 18 km by car from Taalintehdas. www.kasnas.com

BRÄNNBODA OLD SCHOOLHOUSE Västanfjärd. About 20 min / 19 km by car from Taalintehdas. www.kansakouluun.fi/majoitus

HEMBACKA B&B Villkärrintie 35, Kemiö. About 30 min / 30 km. www.hembacka.fi

Other accommodation options on the island: Visit Kimitoön.