Trans Port is an art and science project sailing cross the Baltic Sea, inspiring people to act for a more sustainable future. The performing arts company Acting for Climate (NO/DK) joins forces with Festival Norpas (FI) and Hawila Project (DK) to bring local scientists, activists and artists on board for a transformative experience to kick-start new ideas and creative processes on sustainability.

Trans Port sails from harbour to harbour with Hawila, a two-masted wooden sailing ship from 1935. In late summer 2022 we set off from Denmark to harbours in Finland, Russia, Estonia and Sweden, in which we play the performance Ripples and engage in local encounters through workshops on sustainability. 

Trans Port is multi-layered; it combines performance and workshops in harbours, as well as the sailing journey with international artists and scientists in residency on board. TransPort is an experiment on creating a whole new standard of sustainability as touring artists, and providing meeting points for collaboration and exchange.



Trans Port draws attention to the role of the Baltic sea among the coastal countries in the future. As climate change becomes more prominent, the solutions have to be found collectively. Could we, instead of exchanging cheap goods, start exchanging inspiring stories, innovative ideas and meaningful connections with our neighbours across the water? The aim of Trans Port is to question the values on which we build our society, and create curiosity and debate on board and in harbours. 


The sailing tour Trans Port emphasises the two distinct phases of sailing. ‘Trans’, translated from latin as ‘across’ or ‘beyond’, implies the time spent at sea in between the points of departure and arrival. International artists and scientists will join us for a residency on board, navigating towards a distant horizon together. ‘Port’, deriving from latin ‘portus’ is a harbour or haven. It is a place to rest after the journey, but also a place for exchange. The performance and the ship create a link between the locals and the sailing team for dialogue and learning on sustainability.


Ripples is a contemporary circus performance about eco-grief and utopia by the performing arts company Acting for Climate. The performance will be played on the 34 meter long sailing ship Hawila that acts as a site-specific stage, accommodation and means of transport for the group. Seven artists embody ecological grief and hope for the future within the ship’s magnificent framework. A magical universe of circus, dance, physical theatre, music and storytelling unfolds from aft to bow and all the way up to the top of the 26 meter high masts.


We live in a world where sustainability and justice are constantly defined in the future, 2030, 2050, 2100. Therefore, we will explore how to live in a balanced and just society of the future, and reflect this in our artistic expression in the present. How to physically manifest utopia and create a bridge between the future and the present? To explore eco-grief, we will dive into mourning rituals from different cultures and times,

 How can we in modern culture come together to mourn the destruction of nature that we see around us and are causing ourselves? Can we create an artistic space for grieving that is experienced as cleansing and not paralyzing?


The goal of the residency is to explore the possibilities of post-fossil travelling where art and science intersect. During the tour the ship Hawila will be used for transportation, accommodation as well as a stage. Some of the harbours are decided in advance but wind will be followed as much as possible. Instead of fighting against the cycles of natures, we want to embrace its rhythm and travel when the winds allow. International artists and scientists will hop on-board from each harbour. The vast sea provides space and time to let go of conventional structures of society as forces need to be joint to keep the ship on course.


Norpas ry, Acting for Climate and Hawila Project are currently looking for partners to join on Trans Port tour! We are looking for collaborations for the performances and workshops happening in harbours in Finland, Sweden, Russia and Estonia. We are also interested in sponsorships for the whole tour as well as locally in harbours.

More information:

Ronja Tammenpää, producer

+358 44 317 0026