T-pop duo @Gamla bastun
T-pop duo @Gamla bastun

Keho Kollektiivin Jono-työpaja
Keho Kollektiivin Jono-työpaja

Ronja Tammenpää
Ronja Tammenpää

T-pop duo @Gamla bastun
T-pop duo @Gamla bastun



Are you Lively and Energetic? There will be an announcement regarding volunteer recruitment in Spring 2020.


Join us in making the Norpas Festival this year the best Norpas of all time!

Every year our group consists of about a hundred energetic volunteers without whom there wouldn't even be a Norpas, or if there was it would be totally chaotic.

Our volunteers have free admission to all Norpas performances, exhibitions and workshops that aren't sold out. There's guaranteed admission to the two evening concerts during the festival and you can most likely also attend all the performances at the Foundry and Bio Pony venues. We'll also provide accommodation on mattresses and delicious food.

There are several different ways to contribute as a volunteer. The volunteer groups include:

  • festival communications (during the festival, 7-9.8)

  • Roadies (there are shifts both before and during the festival)

  • De-rigging and breakdown (shifts 9.-11.8.)

  • catering (5.-9.8.)

  • photography (7.-9.8.+ editing photos and video)

  • ticket sales/info (7.-9.8.)

  • accommodation (7.-9.8.)

  • translators (June-July, also August-October)

  • Bar Norpas (7.-9.8.)

  • drivers (2.8.-9.8.)

  • First Aid (7.-9.8.)

  • decorating event venues (2.-7.8., we’re happy to consider suggestions for venue decoration)

  • site security (7. and 7.8. pm, shifts from 22-02)

  • technical (7.-9.8.)

  • cleaning (general cleaning in event venues and area 7.-9.8., before 5.8. and after 9.8.)

  • stage staff (7.-9.8.

Lots of volunteers work across several different volunteer groups so there’s plenty of varied activity and a fantastic festival atmosphere on offer.