Kuva: Niilo Rinne


Anna Kuokkanen


Kuva: Anna Kuokkanen


Kuva: Niilo Rinne



Are you Brisk?

Join us in making the Norpas Festival this year the best Norpas of all time! Festival Norpas is organised in Dalsbruk ironworks village in Kimito archipelago on August 4–8th 2021. The first volunteer application round is over, but the second one will be open until July 16th.

Every year our group consists of about a hundred energetic volunteers without whom there wouldn't even be a Norpas, or if there was it would be totally chaotic.

As a volunteer you are required to work for 10-12 hours under the guidance of your group leader. Volunteers have free admission to all Norpas performances, exhibitions and workshops that aren't sold out. We'll also provide accommodation on mattresses and delicious vegan food.

There are several different ways to contribute as a volunteer. The volunteer groups include:

  • flyers and programme distribution (all over Finland in June-July)

  • transport (before, during and after the festival

  • build up (2.-6.8.)

  • decoration (2.-6.8.)

  • cleaning (4.-8.8.)

  • catering (5.-8.8.)

  • Bar Norpas (6.-7.8.)

  • roadies (before and during the festival)

  • ticket sales (6.-8.8.)

  • info (4.-8.8.)

  • surveillance (6.-8.8.)

  • First Aid (6.-7.8.)

  • site security (7. and 7.8. pm, shifts from 22-02)

  • festival communications (6.-8.8)

  • photography (6.-8.8.+ editing)

  • video (6.-8.8. + editing)

  • technical staff (6.-8.8.)

  • stage staff (6.-8.8.)

  • breakdown (8.-10.8.)

Lots of volunteers work across several different volunteer groups so there’s plenty of varied activity and a fantastic festival atmosphere on offer. The application is only in Finnish and Swedish, but feel free to contact us directly at